November Rain of Gratitude – Day 22


On this, the twenty second day of the month, I would like to express gratitude for everyone’s friend Billy Shakespeare. He’s a wacky kid with a penchant for telling tales that transcend time and culture. Among his plays, Shakespeare also penned over 150 sonnets, making him the grand poobah of the genre and for good reason! Here’s my humble attempt to pay homage to the master of the craft. Thank you.

Shakespeare’s Sonnet

Before the first twitter twitted update,
Or a facebook, or a tumblr, or blog,
Told you who was famous, dead, and irate,
When prince charming poofed from a magic frog,
Penning tragedies, comedies, and poems,
For men and women to forget their rank,
Tales of lover’s heartache, fair forest homes,
Entertaining masses, but whom to thank?
Written on pages with immortal ink.
Thy villains are venomous; fools are wry,
Kings are not kingly, while stories all sync,
Leaves scholars wondering, “Who is this guy?”
When thine heart sings for sin, laughter, or fear,
Your thirst shall be quenched from canon Shakespeare.

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