From the Heart,
Hello and thank you for visiting my website!! If you’ve made it this far you must have heard something about me and unfortunately for everyone involved it’s probably true ;-)
I’m an Aries so I do tend to share my comedy and passions passionately (You’ve probably heard me at Dodger Stadium) and as a result get more than my fair share of passionate attention in response to that passion (You’ve probably seen me escorted out of Dodger Stadium).
Let’s face it, Aries are remarkable people striving to be the best in their class. Look it up, from David Cassidy (Class A Teen heart-throb) to Marlon Brando (Class A Film Actor) if you’ve heard of someone famous or infamous they may have been an Aries. Heck, even Betty Ford was an Aries, as are a great deal of the people who check in to her clinic to this day. My point being that as an Aries I owe it to myself and the world to be the best version of myself possible. The only way that happens is when I entertain people through laughter. Believe me, I’ve tried just about everything else. I thought I’d be the starting second baseman for the Dodgers by now, but I’m sure I don’t have to explain how that didn’t pan out. Since hanging up my cleats I’ve pursued life earnestly and love to explore new experiences while building strong relationships.
I’m a native of Los Angeles which is nearly as rare as being a unicorn from Los Angeles. My life has been a bit of a Hollywood tale from the get go. And if you ever heard the saying, “Sometimes you must go a long way out of your way to come back a short distance correctly” then you know it applies to this guy. Long story short, living all over California, trying all sorts of occupations, I’ve finally arrived at my calling… no not my mom for money. My calling is to give you respite from your crappy day. My calling is to make you smile when you think you can’t. My calling is to be funny and to be paid handsomely for my humor. Currently living my happily ever after with my wife, daughter, and dogs, I hope the future for everyone includes peace and a cow that literally produces cash.

For the EPK
With experience in hospitality, internet start-ups, commercials, voice over, television, audience warm-up, independent films, animation production, writing, motion capture, short films, student films, studio tour guide, and a brief stint in family finance, James brings his honest to goodness edge of reason experiences to the comedy stage through captivating storytelling, audience interaction, impressions of family, friends, celebrities, and everyone he’s come in contact with in his life. He may not be able to remember your name, but he can certainly do a wicked impression of you. In summation, through his universal relationship story lines and spot on timing, he brings a hilariously energetic show to comedy clubs and corporate events alike.

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