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September Springs – Day 30


Well here it is. The completion of my blog writing every day for an entire year. The first thing I would like to do is thank you. Thank you for being a part of this experience and journey. I’m ridiculously grateful for your part in my writing accountability, for your creative support, and for assisting my commitment to, and achievement of, an attainable goal outside of my comfort zone. It has been far more rewarding than I had anticipated and I’m looking forward to channeling my artistic endeavors into further projects that perchance bring a smile upon thine face.
As this phase comes to a close and another begins I am reminded of the mythological Phoenix that springs from the ashes of its predecessor. May it serve as a reminder that life, art, and self are constant evolving pursuits of improvement and fulfilling transformations. May you be fortuitous in your honorable personal passions. And in the name of all that exists in this great universe, may we all experience peace, love, and oneness on this brilliant sphere we call Earth.

On a personal note, I would like to acknowledge a most magnificent person in my life, my wife. Thank you for your unwavering support and for being by my side patiently as my daily entry was created and posted… also for corralling and listening to the many voices in my head. I love you and the joy you bring to this life every day.

September Springs – Day 29


Magic. It comes in as many forms as intentions when using it. Its name is often overused mistakenly in the marketing of commercial products “Magic-this or Magic-that.” There are those that believe in the existence of magic, and there are those who don’t buy into any hocus-pocus malarkey. They don’t have time for things like sorcery, wizardry, astrology, alchemy, enchanted evenings, nor some wholesome old school voodoo. They are quite content to see only the antonym of magic, normal. This is a fine position I suppose, if normal could be clearly defined. It seems each of us has had a magical moment or two in our lives that has gotten us to where we are that could hardly be described as normal. So for those that do believe, and those that don’t, I hope a little magic springs into your life.

September Springs – Day 28

Perseverance. It’s something we all require. Without perseverance, none of this is possible. Through rejection and failure we must persevere. Persevere through adversity, through tribulation, and through pessimism to succeed in the golden sunlight of a new day. Each of us is working toward the common goal of living a happy and full life. Whether it be a retiring middle-America union worker ready to live off their pension (if there are still pensions), an elderly third world village shaman, a tween-age cancer survivor, a dedicated ice-fisherman, a box-office champion, a soon to retire professional athlete… you get my drift, at some point we had to persevere through some rough challenges. Accept there will be hurdles to overcome and move on. So go ahead and start that big idea or finish an old project. It will be our ability to overcome any negative influence to persevere and make the wonders of tomorrow a reality.
Now if I could just kick that ball.


September Springs – Day 27

I think we can all agree I’m a bit of a sucker for interesting patents and worldly firsts, and I’m presupposing you are as well or you wouldn’t be here. With that being said, how in the world did civilization get along before September 27, 1892 and the patent for a book of matches?! Seriously. Up until 120 years ago people were denied the universal communication device. It can make instant fire. That feature alone puts it near the top of my favorite life apps, but a match book can also be a marketing tool, a souvenir, a collectors item, a notepad, a door stop, a table wedge to stop uneven tables from rocking, a clue, air freshener, an SOS signal, and even act as an ice breaker when a damsel is in need of a light. Just whip out your matches and light her entire pack of cigarettes on fire and then mash them into the ground as you extinguish any smoldering embers because smoking is totally gross. Yup, match books are pretty swell.



September Springs – Day 26

Incredible to put into perspective that just 43 years ago The Beatles released an album that would carry a significant and profound emotional connection to people that had not even been born yet. That they would immediately, and for as long as man is in control of the tourist industry, create a landmark for people of every creed and generation to visit, pray, and pay homage to possibly the most giving band we shall ever know. The tracks of this album, conjured or created under a cloud of tension among the band, continue to play on radio stations, personal music players, and stereos around the world. Heck, I bet somebody out there is still blasting Come Together on their 8-track player. You know the 8 track …. Oh dear, I think I’ve seriously dated myself now. As if ranting about The Beatles (again) didn’t give it away.

September Springs – Day 25


They say time flies when you’re having fun, so I guess I need to acknowledge the last 25 years have been one heck of a hootenanny because that’s how long it’s been since the premiere of The Princess Bride swept us all up in a fairy tale adventure that left us believing in Wuv, Twuuu Wuv. May you all be fortunate to find your one twuuu wuv in this lifetime while avoiding the dangers of the fire swamp and sinister six fingered men, and have fun storming the castle.

September Springs – Day 24


I know I’ve touched on the magic of the Muppets in the past this year, but hopefully you’ll agree that a heartfelt additional moment of appreciation, adoration, and adulation; with a dash of alliteration, in celebrating the birth of the man who was bold enough to breathe his imagination into reality when he created the likes of Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, et al is a worthwhile way to share today…and also to serve as the longest sentence I’ve penned this year. Happy birthday from one James to another. Rest in peace Sir James Maury “Jim” Henson. September 24, 1936 – May 16, 1990.

September Springs – Day 23


Hey people! Flu and sore throat season are approaching rapidly. And even though you may take every precaution to avoid the cold pricklies of sickness, sometimes it’s natures way of saying, “lay down and take a load off.” Unfortunately it’s tough to relax when you aren’t feeling your best or you have a sensation of razor spikes sliding down your throat when you swallow. In hopes of shortening the ill that may be ailing you here is a swell household remedy I use every time I feel the onset of a sore throat. It’s sure to put a spring back in your step within 24-48 hours and might make a pretty tasty chicken glaze for those who enjoy a spicy meal.

Sore Throat Remedy:
1 – glass of warm/hot water. (Tolerable to gargle)
3 – Table spoons honey
1 – Teaspoon Apple Cider Vinegar
1 – Teaspoon Red Cayenne Pepper
Combine ingredients in glass and gargle 3-4 times at least 3 times a day.

You’re welcome ;-)

September Springs – Day 22

You’re going to go through times in your life when you feel the cards are stacked against you and you’re feeling like you’re a fighter on the ropes. It’s those moments you will be grateful you surrounded yourself with inspiring coaches and motivating people who have your back in the ring. And if you don’t have that kind of support you can always borrow a coupla’ loud mouth chums from my pool, Rocky’s trainer Mickey and Hall of Fame manager Tommy Lasorda. Of course, you can’t go around telling people you’re going to crap thunder as Mick may decree, but you can come back to our birthday boy Tommy Lasorda who is 85 today and may have said it best, “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man’s determination.”


September Springs – Day 21


I’m not certain why we humans like to scare the bejeezus out of each other with frightening campfire stories, witch tales, and various supernatural films with creatures or spooks, but it sure is entertaining; even more so on a Friday night! And if you are looking for some of the preeminent heebie-jeebies in the business than look no further than Stephen King. One might not think this mild mannered looking resident of the east coast could conjure such horrific scenarios as a possessed car with an evil soul, a child that starts fires with her mind, a family man who hunts his family with an axe in a snowed in haunted hotel, or a woman and son trapped in a crappy car by a killer rabid dog among his canon of other not so ordinary and terrifying stories, but that’s just what he’s done. And we are grateful.
Of course, the most frightening thing about him in real life is he’s an avid Red Sox fan. Chilling.