November Rain of Gratitude – Day 27


There are people, places, and things that will undoubtedly change the course of our lives in a special, even magical, way. It may be a coach as a child, a mentor in college, an underprivileged child in Africa, or even an undersized dog that survives a horrendous dog attack. In my case it was the latter. Six years ago today a very special pooch was born and I could not have more gratitude. If my dog Frankie, had not been born, if he had not found a home with Beth a year before I, if I had not had to earn his love and respect in the courtship we had, if his love had not kept him alive after being ripped open from belly to spine nearly 3 years ago, this world would look significantly dimmer. Thanks for teaching me paternal patience, unconditional love, and eternal passion without uttering a word. You are the roo of all roos and I’m grateful for my time with you buddy. Happy birthday, Frankie!

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