November Rain of Gratitude – Day 11


“The Secretary of War regrets to inform you that (serviceman) was (lightly wounded, seriously wounded, killed in action, died, declared missing in action) on (date). Further details will be forwarded to you as they become available.”

For every single person that has been willing to sacrifice their life or family member, whether they survived through conflict or perished in the pursuit and preservation of freedom, I express the sincerest gratitude a man is capable of expressing. Your bravery, determination, selflessness, and steadfast honor will forever be the benchmark all men and women of military will be measured, as well as their families. The United States Armed Forces asks much of those in service and I’m proud to honor my father and uncle and the millions of Americans who have risked receiving a letter such as the one at the top of this post. I’m sure we can all take comfort in knowing at the very least, in the interest of human beings, the ultimate intention is always to achieve peace. Right?

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