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It’s a Zombie World after all – Zombie 21


I’m not sure if this is quite the design Mary Blair had in mind when she created the look for It’s A Small World, but man alive is that ride AWESOME now!! I saw a Zombified doll on a flying carpet eat the brains right out of the 350lbs woman’s Mickey ear’d skull two rows in front of me. Bitchen! (I’m bringing it back)
Happy 100th Birthday Mary Blair!

Fall Classic – Zombie 20


The only thing I expected to see less than the Cardinals and Rangers in the World Series was the Sultan of Swat choosing brains over beers in the dugout. Does that make him Mr. Zombtober? Either way I can check both of those off my barf-bucket list.

Friends don’t eat friends – Zombie 19


Zounds! Zounds! Zounds! The zombies’ undead mandibles have struck again, causing tearful eyes on a day of celebration! Oh spiteful joyous day! My poor unfortunate friend and marriage officiant, Saida, was infected on her birthday no less. Your balloon crown rules the underworld with a thirst for brains now I’m afraid, never to grace this plane with your artistically brilliant presence… unless of course, there’s chocolate involved. I mean even a new zombie wants a last bite of chocolate, right? eh? eh?

I’m Mumby dammit!! – Zombie 18


He was once a little green slab of clay. Mumby!
You should see who Mumby de-brained today. Mumby!
He can kill with a single bite, with his pony pal Pokey, too.
If you’ve got a heart then Mumby’s gonna Zombify you.

Review: “Not since played by Eddie Murphy has Pokey’s master been this biting.”

Foul Fowl – Zombie 17


You may want to think twice before launching these fowl with your sling shot! They’re not into wrecking your laughing pig houses. They’re after your three star brains!

Football is the sport of Zombies. Your foot. – Zombie 16


These frigging zombies are seriously harshing my football buzz! Worst tailgaters ever. Think they brought rancid meet to BBQ too. Gross.
Fun forum question: Who do you think will raise the Lombardi Brain after this years’ Zombie Bowl?

Where ya Walken Zombie? – Zombie 15


A few ways to identify a zombie if you aren’t certain they are members of the undead are:
1) Their googeley eyes
2) Food of Choice is brains
3)They have an infatuation with the sound of a well clanged cow bell. Just ask The Bruce Dickinson.

Troubleshooting help for Zombie-Mac!? – Zombie 14


I was attacked by a zombie in the most unlikely place! His disguise didn’t work. I’ve heard of a sad Mac before but never one that wants to download your brains!!

Incendio Zombizio! – Zombie 13


There’s nowhere to hide! First Scotland’s greatest son and now England’s?! Better look both ways on Platform 9 3/4 people or you’ll get transfigured into Berti Botts’ “Brain Flavored” jelly beans.

CRAVEHEART! – Zombie 12


You may scare us out of our kilts, but you can never give our brains their freedom!