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March Radness – Day 16



Dreams that occur when we sleep are remarkable, radical, limitless joy rides. They can be delightful, pleasurable, or downright terrifying. They can be filled with insightful vivid images of our current lives or passing glimpses of the future wrapped in a visual enigma. Some provide connections to people long gone while others offer introductions to people we may never see or meet again during any type of consciousness. The one thing all dreams have in common though, is when you think it’s about to have it’s meaning symbolized, or let you revisit a magical place again, or let the night terror boogeyman get you, you wake up and realize it’s a dream.

Goodnight, good children,
Sleep tight with sweet dreams,
May you be a hero and fly,
Or surf cosmic moonbeams.

Though some of you cower,
Oft’ scared of the night,
You fear in your slumber,
You’ll dream a bad fright.

Well remember one thing,
If your dream visions get dark,
There’s no creature in dreamland,
Whose bite’s worse than his bark.

March Radness – Day 15



Beware the Ides of March. It’s like a two minute warning to St. Patrick’s Day, a day to pretend you’re Irish and do battle with your liver. If you happen to find yourself on an actual field of battle though because of poor inebriated judgment and don’t have a coat of arms feel free to borrow the rad one I created above, which I borrowed from Julius Caesar. I figure he’s not using it.

March Radness – Day 14



It doesn’t take an Einstein to know that Albert Einstein was a radical mind in a radical world thinking radiculous thoughts with his radunculous brain. He said imagination is more important than knowledge, which means you can use your imagination if you don’t know what radunculous means.
Happy Pi Day!

Fanuary – Day 31



Okay people. I know it’s been as long a month as they come and it still seems like it whisked by before you could blink, but that’s a wrap on month one of 2012. I hope you’re off to a great start and even if it’s been slow going take comfort in knowing that this, the USA, is the land of opportunity, miracles, and second chances.  America is a fan of your efforts.  You can mulligan January and start fresh in February. You know why? Because this is the United States of America and every day we wake up here it’s the luckiest day of our lives. I don’t have to tell you. You know. America, F*** Yeah!

Fanuary – Day 21



Hard to believe how everything is truly connected. One man had a dream of making movies while another had ambitions of revolutionizing the car industry. Thirty one years ago today the first DeLorean DMC-12 rolled off the production line. Four years later Robert Zemeckis installed a flux capacitor and that vehicle took us all back in time as the time machine in Back to the Future. A combination of activity, timing, and patience forever altered the landscape of cinema while the car maker forever altered the landscape of undercover drug busts. I’m a fan of Huey Lewis and the News. Bet you wish you had a time machine to get these past few minutes back.

Joy Through December – Day 27


Here is some guidance for those that have been having trouble finding their path of joy this month. Now if I could just find a street sign to the lost city of gold…


Joy Through December – Day 25


Every year a magic presents itself during Christmas offering a different emphasis on the spirit of the holiday. Each year offers a different opportunity to seize the joy in the lining of holiday events. Good years and bad years provide the barometer for which all future seasons are measured. This holiday has joyously shaped up to be the most genuine I can recall. I fondly look back on the celebrations of years past and relish the riches of those that await us all in the future. Primarily, the riches you intend to spend on me.

Joy Through December – Day 21


Pyrotechnics have long been a symbol of joy and celebration. Often times they are used as the punctuation of victory or carry the spirit of opening ceremonies into the heavens. Fireworks are a centuries old art form of controlled combustion and designed destruction that have been a welcomed tradition passed on from father to son. Just don’t try to pass the joy through TSA no matter how good a deal you got from the beach vendor and you want to bring them home.

Joy Through December – Day 7


Bubbles somehow always carry joy in their fleeting translucent floating amoebic orbish fanciful flight. Yes, whether it’s a bubble from a bubble machine or gas bubble from the four cheese and egg breakfast burrito, joy will most certainly be a welcome cohort when a bubble dances in the wind.

Joy Through December – Day 5


I offer this symbol of joy known throughout the world as a freshly trimmed Christmas Tree! Happy holidays! Don’t worry kosher friends, the menorah is at the ready on the mantle, prepared to bring eight days of joy later this month!