March Radness – Day 16



Dreams that occur when we sleep are remarkable, radical, limitless joy rides. They can be delightful, pleasurable, or downright terrifying. They can be filled with insightful vivid images of our current lives or passing glimpses of the future wrapped in a visual enigma. Some provide connections to people long gone while others offer introductions to people we may never see or meet again during any type of consciousness. The one thing all dreams have in common though, is when you think it’s about to have it’s meaning symbolized, or let you revisit a magical place again, or let the night terror boogeyman get you, you wake up and realize it’s a dream.

Goodnight, good children,
Sleep tight with sweet dreams,
May you be a hero and fly,
Or surf cosmic moonbeams.

Though some of you cower,
Oft’ scared of the night,
You fear in your slumber,
You’ll dream a bad fright.

Well remember one thing,
If your dream visions get dark,
There’s no creature in dreamland,
Whose bite’s worse than his bark.

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