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November Rain of Gratitude – Day 20


I’m needing to express gratitude for family. Mine in particular.

November Rain of Gratitude – Day 19


Frenchmen Pierre Michaux and Pierre Lallement, German Baron Karl von Drais, and Kirkpatrick MacMillan, a Scottish blacksmith, are the recipients of today’s gratitude for each of their roles in the development of the modern day bicycle. Without the invention of the velocipede back in 1817 and it’s subsequent technological advancements there would be no mountain bike, no motocross, no Tour de France, no beach cruisers, no cool “ring ring” bicycle bells, no bike shorts… well…uuuhhh…eerr.. let’s just be happy we can ride a bike and leave it at that.

November Rain of Gratitude – Day 18


Bill Cosby. Much gratitude for the man, comedian, father, entertainer, actor, speaker, writer, teacher, producer, director, person.

November Rain of Gratitude – Day 17


Is it possible to express gratitude for an action? I am exuberant with gratitude for the expression and act of the Kiss. It never gets old. We yearn for passionate kisses from our lovers as adults, spouses included. As children we receive kisses of affection and praise from our parents (Not school coaches! Never ever ever ever ever school coaches!) Some people excessively shower their pets with them, present company included. From romance to respect, the one thing universal about all incarnations of the kiss is that regardless of intent, words nor other physical action or communication, would suffice in conveying how you feel. It must be shared through the pressing of lips against it’s object of affection. Beautiful.

November Rain of Gratitude – Day 16


In a month of gratitude, with more things to express gratitude toward than there are days available, I hope you’ll understand that I acknowledge the things/persons as they are presented to me in a “here ya go” sort of way from the universe. I wondered if anyone expressed gratitude for Gratitude. It’s the ideal virtue really that we humans can muster for each other. See, in order for there to be gratitude expressed, although there doesn’t need to be a reason but primarily there is one, an inciting reason for gratitude, often it means that someone has done something to help another in a way that inspires the recipient of gratuitous act to offer more than a simple “thank you.” We would be left with an emotional void without gratitude. If there was no reason for it, or way to express it, or person to feel it there would be a whole lot less… uhh… ummm… only thing that comes to mind is Gratitude. So I’d like to express long over due gratitude toward the virtue Gratitude for constant presence, willing, and able attitude for gratitude.

November Rain of Gratitude – Day 15


Take care of your feet. I choose to take care of mine on a regular basis by letting them feel the open air as the sole is protected, and practically massaged, by my Rainbow Sandals. I’d like to express my gratitude to Jay R. Longley Jr. and his family who hand craft clouds in the form of sandals. You found a better way to make a life for yourself by improving the lives of those around you.

November Rain of Gratitude – Day 14


Water is seriously high up on the list of overlooked recipients of gratitude. It’s understandable though. Water is wishy-washy to say the least. We need it to survive, but if we over indulge we’re drowned. Over half of the human body is composed of water, and yet if we get water splashed or thrown on us when we’re not expecting it we lose our cool? Water makes us feel good when it’s collected in a swimming pool, and angry when it gushes from a leak in the laundry room. We can drink it, ride it, float on it, swim in it, turn it on, turn it off, kick it, splash it, etc. If water is so versatile and vital to the survival of man how come we piss in it? I for one would like to express my gratitude for water and all of it’s bi-polar attributes. Way to go H2o!

November Rain of Gratitude – Day 13


I would like to express my gratitude for something that is constant, full of history, has witnessed every war of man, can peacefully change your mood today, yet has no master or keeper, is present your whole life, is work for some and pleasure for others, but is largely undiscovered. Thank you music.

November Rain of Gratitude – Day 12


“Laughter is the best medicine.” It’s also my most favorite sound on the planet, especially my wife’s. Laughter is the grout of relationships. We come together with so many different experiences on the planet and bond through laughter. Even when adversity has mule kicked us in the teeth we pick ourselves up and laugh about it later. It’s a sensational aphrodisiac. And if you’re ever confused about what to do next, listen to your elders and follow Donald O’Connor’s advice in Singing in the Rain, “Make em laugh, make em laugh, make em laugh.” I express my gratitude to every fool and provider of laughter since the beginning of time. The laughter you have provided is a drug as lethal an addiction as heroin. Thank you.


Stumble down stairs.

Good night!

November Rain of Gratitude – Day 11


“The Secretary of War regrets to inform you that (serviceman) was (lightly wounded, seriously wounded, killed in action, died, declared missing in action) on (date). Further details will be forwarded to you as they become available.”

For every single person that has been willing to sacrifice their life or family member, whether they survived through conflict or perished in the pursuit and preservation of freedom, I express the sincerest gratitude a man is capable of expressing. Your bravery, determination, selflessness, and steadfast honor will forever be the benchmark all men and women of military will be measured, as well as their families. The United States Armed Forces asks much of those in service and I’m proud to honor my father and uncle and the millions of Americans who have risked receiving a letter such as the one at the top of this post. I’m sure we can all take comfort in knowing at the very least, in the interest of human beings, the ultimate intention is always to achieve peace. Right?