November Rain of Gratitude – Day 14


Water is seriously high up on the list of overlooked recipients of gratitude. It’s understandable though. Water is wishy-washy to say the least. We need it to survive, but if we over indulge we’re drowned. Over half of the human body is composed of water, and yet if we get water splashed or thrown on us when we’re not expecting it we lose our cool? Water makes us feel good when it’s collected in a swimming pool, and angry when it gushes from a leak in the laundry room. We can drink it, ride it, float on it, swim in it, turn it on, turn it off, kick it, splash it, etc. If water is so versatile and vital to the survival of man how come we piss in it? I for one would like to express my gratitude for water and all of it’s bi-polar attributes. Way to go H2o!

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