November Rain of Gratitude – Day 16


In a month of gratitude, with more things to express gratitude toward than there are days available, I hope you’ll understand that I acknowledge the things/persons as they are presented to me in a “here ya go” sort of way from the universe. I wondered if anyone expressed gratitude for Gratitude. It’s the ideal virtue really that we humans can muster for each other. See, in order for there to be gratitude expressed, although there doesn’t need to be a reason but primarily there is one, an inciting reason for gratitude, often it means that someone has done something to help another in a way that inspires the recipient of gratuitous act to offer more than a simple “thank you.” We would be left with an emotional void without gratitude. If there was no reason for it, or way to express it, or person to feel it there would be a whole lot less… uhh… ummm… only thing that comes to mind is Gratitude. So I’d like to express long over due gratitude toward the virtue Gratitude for constant presence, willing, and able attitude for gratitude.

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