September Springs – Day 21


I’m not certain why we humans like to scare the bejeezus out of each other with frightening campfire stories, witch tales, and various supernatural films with creatures or spooks, but it sure is entertaining; even more so on a Friday night! And if you are looking for some of the preeminent heebie-jeebies in the business than look no further than Stephen King. One might not think this mild mannered looking resident of the east coast could conjure such horrific scenarios as a possessed car with an evil soul, a child that starts fires with her mind, a family man who hunts his family with an axe in a snowed in haunted hotel, or a woman and son trapped in a crappy car by a killer rabid dog among his canon of other not so ordinary and terrifying stories, but that’s just what he’s done. And we are grateful.
Of course, the most frightening thing about him in real life is he’s an avid Red Sox fan. Chilling.

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