September Springs – Day 28

Perseverance. It’s something we all require. Without perseverance, none of this is possible. Through rejection and failure we must persevere. Persevere through adversity, through tribulation, and through pessimism to succeed in the golden sunlight of a new day. Each of us is working toward the common goal of living a happy and full life. Whether it be a retiring middle-America union worker ready to live off their pension (if there are still pensions), an elderly third world village shaman, a tween-age cancer survivor, a dedicated ice-fisherman, a box-office champion, a soon to retire professional athlete… you get my drift, at some point we had to persevere through some rough challenges. Accept there will be hurdles to overcome and move on. So go ahead and start that big idea or finish an old project. It will be our ability to overcome any negative influence to persevere and make the wonders of tomorrow a reality.
Now if I could just kick that ball.


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