September Springs – Day 27

I think we can all agree I’m a bit of a sucker for interesting patents and worldly firsts, and I’m presupposing you are as well or you wouldn’t be here. With that being said, how in the world did civilization get along before September 27, 1892 and the patent for a book of matches?! Seriously. Up until 120 years ago people were denied the universal communication device. It can make instant fire. That feature alone puts it near the top of my favorite life apps, but a match book can also be a marketing tool, a souvenir, a collectors item, a notepad, a door stop, a table wedge to stop uneven tables from rocking, a clue, air freshener, an SOS signal, and even act as an ice breaker when a damsel is in need of a light. Just whip out your matches and light her entire pack of cigarettes on fire and then mash them into the ground as you extinguish any smoldering embers because smoking is totally gross. Yup, match books are pretty swell.



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