Hot Diggity D’August – Day 31


Hot Diggity D’August what a month it has been. What a planet we have here to get to wag our tail about! Life has certainly seemed to accelerate in just the span of nearly half of a Kardashian marriage cycle. We started with a full moon and end with a blue moon. We started the month having hopes of landing a space rover on the planet Mars and ended the month with the Curiosity rover on the surface of the red planet for the past twenty-five days. Some people endured a miraculous medical recovery, while others succumbed to terrible illness. Some have set historic records while others met with frustrating setbacks. As we navigate our way through this life together I hope you know I will always wag my tail in support of your noble and honorable endeavors. Thanks for continuing to stop by and making this world go round. I’ll continue to do my best to bring a smile to your face. Even if it means continuing to resort to fart jokes. Pull my finger.

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