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Hot Diggity D’August – Day 31


Hot Diggity D’August what a month it has been. What a planet we have here to get to wag our tail about! Life has certainly seemed to accelerate in just the span of nearly half of a Kardashian marriage cycle. We started with a full moon and end with a blue moon. We started the month having hopes of landing a space rover on the planet Mars and ended the month with the Curiosity rover on the surface of the red planet for the past twenty-five days. Some people endured a miraculous medical recovery, while others succumbed to terrible illness. Some have set historic records while others met with frustrating setbacks. As we navigate our way through this life together I hope you know I will always wag my tail in support of your noble and honorable endeavors. Thanks for continuing to stop by and making this world go round. I’ll continue to do my best to bring a smile to your face. Even if it means continuing to resort to fart jokes. Pull my finger.

Hot Diggity D’August – Day 30


Hot Diggity Walk-Off Homer! Wowzers what a feeling!! I know there’s little chance of you or I hitting a Major League Walk-Off Home Run, let alone one in the World Series, but it doesn’t stop us from dancing in the aisle and shaking our keisters when our team is on the winning side.

Hot Diggity D’August – Day 29


Hot Diggity Dog! The last time one would have been able to shake their tail to the live musical stylings of The Beatles would have been 46 years ago today. While their music, message, and moniker will live on forever, I still can’t believe they stopped playing live shows before even producing Magical Mystery Tour or The White Album. Feel free to listen, chill out, and get over the Wednesday hump. And if you happen to have access to a walk-in freezer, sit inside of it while listening to feel the sensation of being at Candlestick Park.

Hot Diggity D’August – Day 28


Hot Diggity Dog! The finest words regarding freedom and equality were delivered on this day in 1963 before 200,000 citizens in front of the Lincoln Memorial by Dr. Martin Luther King in his “I Have a Dream” speech. It is available for everyone to see on the web. It’s the kind of speech that makes you wag your tail with hope for the future and love for your neighbor. Perhaps more global leaders should revisit the core message of Dr. King’s words.

Hot Diggity D’August – Day 27

Hot Diggity Dog! Or Cat! Or Pig! Or whatever friendly animal says “pet” to you. Rescuing an animal won’t just make them wag their tails, if they have one, and make you feel good; they may just end up rescuing you someday.


Hot Diggity D’August – Day 26


Hot Diggity Dodger Dog! Vin Scully will be back for another season of Dodgers baseball. Who would have thought that on this day in 1939 Major League Baseball would begin a television broadcast test by airing a double header between the Reds and Dodgers at Ebbet’s Field that it would affect millions of lives every summer? Peace isn’t restored in the universe from the end of the Super Bowl until Vin’s velvet voice rallies,”It’s time for Dodger baseball!” as he has for over 60 years. Even fans of other teams forget they don’t like the Dodgers while under Vin’s loquacious spell. Glad we have something to look forward to next season in case the Mayan’s are totally wrong.

Hot Diggity D’August – Day 25


Hot Diggity Dog! Traveling is always better when romance is a part of the equation, and no city captivates the imaginations of heightened romantic fantasies than the city of Paris. A true tail wagging city if ever there was one. Just ask Pepe Le Pew.


Hot Diggity D’August – Day 24


Hot Diggity Dog! Even robots are wagging their tails this month in hopes of it being mistaken for a rain dance! Here’s hoping you have shade, water, and a solid R2 unit.

Hot Diggity D’August – Day 23


Hot Diggity Dog do I love a good sunrise! They allow us to start a new day, put a long night behind us, and remind us that life goes on regardless of what events have transgressed or victories have been achieved on our beautiful planet in this vast mystifying universe. Whether it’s a new goal or fresh start, most of us will begin with a sunrise signifying it’s time to start our day. Of course, you could also just close the black out drapes and go back to sleep until it’s customarily acceptable to order a bloody mary. Either way it’s win-win.

Hot Diggity D’August – Day 22

Sometimes the only thing worth wagging your tail about is having someplace to call home so you can rest your tail.