Creation InforMAYtion – Day 24

Mankind has always excelled to their best when put to task in overcoming adversity and obstacles. It’s when our ingenuity and knowledge meet opportunity that we truly find lasting resolve for a great many conundrums.
For instance, the dilemma of how to connect the island of Manhattan to the borough of Brooklyn was no quick fix back in 1883. We needed to be able to cross and transport goods and services while making the morning commute easier than swimming and bringing a change of clothes. But before those architectural wiz kids could construct it they needed to approach it like anything we want or need in life. First, you have to visualize your solution, second you need to write your plan down, and then you build it. Sometimes when you’re done with your creation it becomes a landmark and an iconic bit of architecture. Other times it becomes something only your mother could love. Fortunately for all of us, the Brooklyn Bridge was constructed by my mother… Or so most of the citizens of New York tell me when I ask them who built it.



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