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Creation InforMAYtion – Day 31

I always hear people wishing they could have more time. Well look no further my friends. I felt the least I could do after a month of creative creating and blogging and working and sommeliering, if that’s even a word, is try to help you creat a little more time. The Brits, in 1859, put Big Ben into operation. Although, that beauty of a time capsule, keeping each and every one of our capsules of time in line, is probably best remembered in the USA as the clock featured in Chevy Chase’s brilliant mental breakdown while driving around the iconic landmark in European Vacation. No matter how you choose to appreciate it, I hope you enjoy your time and I love you for even dropping by to see how I’m spending mine.



Creation InforMAYtion – Day 30

Mel Blanc created more than voices. Here are a few of his characters to remind you of the memories he helped create in your life.

Bdip-bdip-bdip-that’s all folks!

Creation InforMAYtion – Day 29

Remember how your mother taught you to put things back where they belong, or where you found it so it would stay in good working condition and be someplace you could remember when you needed it? Then you rebelled until you were an adult and had to take responsibility after realizing that the way mom taught you was the easiest and most efficient way after all? Well I hope we all have learned something from the mother who created us all, Mother Earth, and leave her just the way we found her.


Creation InforMAYtion – Day 28

Forgive me for not mentioning this sooner, but before one can create much of anything one must have the proper tools for accomplishing whatever it is one wishes to create. For example…



Creation InforMAYtion – Day 27


Wild Bill Hickok
5/27/1837 – 8/2/1876
American frontiersman, army scout, marksman and gambler.
Also, creator of the “don’t mess with me” look.

Creation InforMAYtion – Day 26


You’re probably looking at the photo above and wondering if that’s an original costume design for Neo in The Matrix and the answer is no. It is however the correct answer to May 24th’s blog query of who built the Brooklyn Bridge, Washington Augustus Roebling… Not my mother as previously understood. Washington was raised by a bridge builder, John A. Roebling, and followed in his daddy’s steps, completing the bridge his father originally designed to cross the East River. He benefitted from modern structural advancements as well as the personal and professional support of his wife, Emily Warren Roebling. Subsequently, the completion of the bridge created a bond between father, son, husband, wife, and millions of people in a remarkable city that lives and breathes til this day.

Creation InforMAYtion – Day 25


Yup! It’s been 35 years since Star Wars made its debut and created a generation of fans and emotionally stunted 45 year old man virgins in the future asking “where’s my youth and how do I get to Tosche Station for my power converters?!”

I’m kidding!! Relax. Geesh. I know you have a T16 focused on me like a womprat.

Okay, maybe I wasn’t kidding. May the force be with you!

Creation InforMAYtion – Day 24

Mankind has always excelled to their best when put to task in overcoming adversity and obstacles. It’s when our ingenuity and knowledge meet opportunity that we truly find lasting resolve for a great many conundrums.
For instance, the dilemma of how to connect the island of Manhattan to the borough of Brooklyn was no quick fix back in 1883. We needed to be able to cross and transport goods and services while making the morning commute easier than swimming and bringing a change of clothes. But before those architectural wiz kids could construct it they needed to approach it like anything we want or need in life. First, you have to visualize your solution, second you need to write your plan down, and then you build it. Sometimes when you’re done with your creation it becomes a landmark and an iconic bit of architecture. Other times it becomes something only your mother could love. Fortunately for all of us, the Brooklyn Bridge was constructed by my mother… Or so most of the citizens of New York tell me when I ask them who built it.



Creation InforMAYtion – Day 23


You never realize it when you create it normally. You start with the fundamentals. You take things one day at a time. You live in the moment. You seize the day. And then someone points out to you, or you realize after looking at a calendar that you have actually started a “streak.” Some of you out there have streaks that you’re not even aware of continuing, but like a statistician there are people keeping track. Good or bad, you won’t know it until you look over your shoulder and there it is… Your streak. I wonder if Joe DiMaggio knew on this day back in 1941 that the 9 game hitting streak he had going would blossom into “THE STREAK” of 56 consecutive games with a hit that still stands to this day. Whatever your streak situation may be, remember the best way to start it, or keep it going, is to show up.

Creation InforMAYtion – Day 22

Simple life lessons seem easier to learn when you put it on top of a cupcake.