Creation InforMAYtion – Day 14

I really need to take a moment here and wish George Lucas a heartfelt happy birthday. I know he’s taken a lot of heat the last few years because his vision of his story didn’t necessarily take his fans in the direction we wanted, but he’s still the creator of Star Wars and all things that spawned from its creation. From his special efx house and audio studio in the bay area, to the fanaticism that breeds his harshest critics. I’m fairly certain that he and his companies had a fair amount of influence on people’s inspirations for creating technologically advanced apps. For instance, with just my iPhone I was able to create a fairly good comparison of the real aging and special efx aging of Mr. American Graffiti himself. Below are three photos. One is from his promo press kit for Jedi, the other two are from present day; one legitimate and the other a special efx creation. You decide which is real.




**Bonus~ My research also allowed me to catch up with Yoda. Enjoy.


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