I can’t believe the Dodgers weren’t actually allowed to compete for the last two seasons legitimately. One season the divorce begins AND it destroys the one after it with no end in sight. Are they aware that if there isn’t a divorce and the front office can actually make a move at trade deadline, it may have been conceivable that the Dodgers could have overtaken the Diamondbacks, the team led by the Dodgers’ last MVP Kirk Gibson, and rewarded its fans that choked down a series champion that shall not be named last year?? Well clearly the battle of the dollar and personal marital issues are mightier than the loyalty of a great city with a great team. I’m not saying who I can root for in the playoffs other than the sport of Baseball itself. I loved the last day of the season. Truly historic and epic in every wonderful baseball way. I think the essence of this years playoffs is summed up in this screen grab. Cool.

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