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Hot Diggity D’August – Day 21

Hot Diggity Poi! That’s not a typo folks. In honor of the 53rd anniversary of Hawaii officially becoming the 50th state of the United States of America we’re trading in our pork, beef, and chicken hot dogs for luau swine with poi… followed by shaved ice of course. Hawaii is a destination that will get your tail wagging from here to eternity. Mahalo!

Hot Diggity D’August – Day 20


There are things that make you wag your tail, and then there’s a category all its own that involves various meats on sticks. Steak kebob, chicken teriyaki skewers… Why does this excite modern man so much? I don’t know. But the godfather of them all is the corn dog. Hot diggity dog is that good eatin! It’s a fools relationship if enjoyed too frequently, but when you splurge go big! Yum yum yum!

Hot Diggity D’August – Day 19

Hot Diggity Dog! Who would have thought the universe would provide a seed that ultimately would lead to a continually evolving culture that bridges the gap between fan and community, nearly to the point of religion, when the world welcomed Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek? Whether or not you are a fan of the franchise, and I’m no Trekkie, Trekker, or Baldwin, but just about everybody can dig Spock’s logic to live long and prosper. Something we can all wag our tails about.


Hot Diggity D’August – Day 18


I know there are crowds. I know it’s difficult to find parking. I’m certain some of you will get sunburned, but Hot Diggity Dog!!! It’s summertime. And that means coexisting with each other while relaxing at the beach. Cowabunga dude!

Hot Diggity D’August – Day 17


Sometimes a music festival is just the thing you need to exclaim “Hot Diggity Dog! It’s party time!”. And it’s at those times you should remember your elders and thank them for laying down a proper foundation.

Hot Diggity D’August – Day 16

You ain’t nothin but a Hot Diggity Hound Dog! Super sad realization today. Elvis Presley has been gone for 35 years. While he is still the King, there has certainly been a bit less tail wagging in the world since his crooning and gyrating hips have passed on to the other side. Fortunately for all of us, there’s still enough velvet imagery of him to go around for everyone.


Hot Diggity D’August – Day 15


Hot Diggity Dog! Holding hands is one way to get your tail wagging. It’s also a good way to transfer cooties, so lave los manos before locking mittens with your loved ones!

Hot Diggity D’August – Day 14


Hot diggity dog! That is one heck of a view from one heck of a ferris wheel. Thanks again London for a regal and classic Olympic Games!

Hot Diggity D’August – Day 13


Hot diggity dog! I can’t help but get my tail wagging when I embark on a mystery/suspense story and nobody did it quite like Alfred Hitchcock. Hope you solve whatever mystery is plaguing you. Like where did the last five minutes go.

Hot Diggity D’August – Day 12

Hot Diggity Dog! When one is going to wag one’s tail, one may be inclined to make sure they have enough “back” to wag. Thankfully, my good man Sir Mixalot knows a thing or two about these matters and can assist you in your endeavor to shake your moneymaker.