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Mint Julyp – Day 21


Mint comic. Mint friends. Mint creation.

Mint Julyp – Day 20


Mint words during a historically mint accomplishment.

Mint Julyp – Day 19


Having the foresight to store some of these delectable delights in your freezer for times like this when they aren’t for sale not only makes them more mint, but makes you mint for planning ahead.

Mint Julyp – Day 18


They say that there is an electric current that pulses through our body and that we currently only utilize 10% of our brain capacity. Well I say kudos to humans, I’d even go so far as to say it’s been a mint of a relationship between man and lightning (provided we aren’t in water or golfing), for being able to harness and build electricity conductors to power our world with what little brain capacity we have managed to nurture from our primitive minds. It’s possible that in the future we will have learned to channel our inner electric energy to others in the form of Mintricity. A world powered by those who are mint. As for now, I enjoy the electricity powering my oscillating fan that creates a minty environment.

Mint Julyp – Day 17


If a birthday is the celebration of years since one’s birth and an anniversary is a celebration of how one has chosen to spend their time living that life, how would one classify the 57th celebration of a place like Disneyland? It is neither human, nor beast, nor plant, nor life form, yet it breathes life every day, has a soul, feels as much as any being, and eternally endeavors to create happiness, smiles, and love. A mint of an entity indeed. Happy 57th Mintaversary, Disneyland!

Mint Julyp – Day 16

I pull you in many directions. You make my grip stronger. You snip in a good way. You add torque to my twist. You hold on longer and tighter than I could on my own. I’ve used you to strip. I used you to hammer. And yet, you’ve never complained, you’re always ready for more, and your value seems to increase and adapt no matter the adversity that faces us. Thank you industrial strength set of pliers. You are mint.


Mint Julyp – Day 15


Somewhere out there is an advertising campaign for “Christmas in July” and for those of you that are looking for who’s responsible your journey has come to an end. The person ultimately responsible is Clement Clarke Moore, born on this day in 1779, because he is the one largely credited with writing A Visit from St. Nicholas, aka ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, minting himself and his poem as forefathers of all things Christmas… even cheesy advertising jingles for Christmas in July.

Mint Julyp – Day 14

When Gustav Klimt set out to create a depiction of a kiss I wonder if he knew, or even cared, that it would be an achievement minting not only his artistic status, but also establish him as one of the pioneers of household print art. Either way, The Kiss, is truly mint.


Mint Julyp – Day 13


Mint sign. Mint town.

Mint Julyp – Day 12


The Congressional Medal of Honor is how to identify military personnel that are mint. It’s not that anyone else isn’t mint, because if you serve in the US armed services you’re mint, but these particular individuals are Minty Mint McMintalicious. It’s a super top secret name classification and you’ll know how to achieve it when the time is right.