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Mint Julyp – Day 31

I would like to wrap up one mint of a month by acknowledging one mint of a person, you. Thank you for being you and having enough curiosity to visit my page and read what I had to share this month. You’re more mint than you know. You’re mintabulously mint in a world of mintacularly mint people. Cheers.


Mint Julyp – Day 30


Whether you all get along, or feud in ways inappropriate for broadcast television, your family is mint. They are our personal sitcom, dramedy, and tragic tale all rolled into one. They are the chips we are dealt and they are the fertilizer for growth. They are our spring board for life and our cushion, if any, when we fall. No matter what, they are minted in our life’s story. Hopefully yours is more Family Ties than Donner Party.

Mint Julyp – Day 29


I thought Patton Oswalt delivered a mint of a keynote speech at the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival. It echoed sentiments I’ve felt before and was a wake up call for all of entertainment.

Patton Oswalt Keynote Speech – JFL Montreal

Mint Julyp – Day 28


As musical instruments go the piano is mint. More aptly, the piano is the perfect mintstrument.

Mint Julyp – Day 27


The Olympic opening ceremony is mint by any standard and is only surpassed by the performances of the athletes that compete in the games. London has answered the call in 2012 and has delivered mintacularly! I look forward to witnessing as many mint moments as I can over the next couple weeks.

Mint Julyp – Day 26


You know what Thursday? I think you’re mint. I believe most people feel the same, but haven’t really consciously acknowledged their adulation for you. Saturday and Sunday, “The Weekend”, are the sovereign days that rule as king and queen, and people are usually thanking some deity for Friday. Monday gets a mishmash of loathing and embracing as the beginning of the professional work week. Tuesday is the day you have to put the trash out or attend some seminar and isn’t nearly close enough to next weekend. Wednesday, fondly referred to as “hump day”, is a midweek wildcard that can derail the rest of the week… and statistically speaking rarely delivers on its nickname’s promise. But you Thursday, you are adaptable, welcoming, and fun. You’re there for a long weekend. You turn the beginning of the week into a distant memory. You’re a good travel day. You’re a great study and all-nighter day when something is DUE on Friday. You’re a good date night. You’re an ideal day for a gathering of friends. You’re even given a holiday every November. Thanks Thursday. Thanks for being a mint of a day.

Mint Julyp – Day 25


Just about every sauce is mint. The whole idea of sauce is mint. More flavor to already delicious food is mint. Apple sauce, caramel sauce, red wine reduction sauce, soy sauce, hot sauce, BBQ sauce, chocolate sauce, buffalo wing sauce, lemon-dill sauce, ponzu sauce, tomato sauce… I could go on all day folks!!! Food was invented to bring more sauce to your face. Sauce is mint.

Mint Julyp – Day 24

So here’s a rhetorical question, are jazz and mint synonyms? Because mint is super jazzy and Jazz music is pretty darn mint.

Billie Holiday, Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins and Gerry Mulligan

Mint Julyp – Day 23


Seems that on this day in 1829 a very mint patten was filed that has ultimately affected our lives for all time. William Austin Burt invented the typographer which ultimately became the typewriter which ultimately became useless once the media device you’re reading this on was invented. However, the keyboard layout is still a mint of a design, considering we’re still using that aspect from one mint of a predecessor.

Mint Julyp – Day 22


A good hug is the mint way to end a week, or to start one.