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Junetopian Life – Day 30


It has been a remarkable month of a Junetopian existence for me, and I hope for you as well. The feeling of appreciation radiates through me and is what I would want for all citizens. Because those living a Junetopian Life should always feel appreciated.

Junetopian Life – Day 29


Junetopian friends are friends for life; in this galaxy and galaxies far far away.

Junetopian Life – Day 28


In a Junetopian Life money does in fact grow on trees. The tricky part is being responsible for how it grows and thrives.

Junetopian Life – Day 27

Allowing us to have our full druthers, a Junetopian Life enables humans to breathe under water and communicate with sea life.


Junetopian Life – Day 26


Those living a Junetopian Life sleep comfortably knowing they can trust their government because being a trusting government is how we foster communities of citizens living a loyal, trusting, and loving life. I trust you.

Junetopian Life – Day 25

It’s fairly simple. Even living a Junetopian Life, Love is all you need.


Junetopian Life – Day 24


There aren’t only extra-terrestrial life forms in a Junetopian Life, they make bikes fly and don’t eat your face.

Junetopian Life – Day 23

Dancing in the street is always encouraged when living a Junetopian Life.

Junetopian Life – Day 22


Everyone living a Junetopian Life is given a fair shake no matter where they are from or where they are going.

Junetopian Life – Day 21


Doesn’t matter what color you are in a Junetopian Life. We’re all joined by the fabric of the human race.