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Joy Through December – Day 21


Pyrotechnics have long been a symbol of joy and celebration. Often times they are used as the punctuation of victory or carry the spirit of opening ceremonies into the heavens. Fireworks are a centuries old art form of controlled combustion and designed destruction that have been a welcomed tradition passed on from father to son. Just don’t try to pass the joy through TSA no matter how good a deal you got from the beach vendor and you want to bring them home.

Joy Through December – Day 20


Everyone is excited about the celebration of lights this year! No greater joy has been experienced by an entire people since the original wholesale returns of eight nights of oil from the value of one. If Chaka doesn’t get your support perhaps your idea of joy is a hot knish in your keester.


Joy Through December – Day 19


There are dozens and dozens of joys to find and share in Amsterdam let alone the ones in this photo I took. I’d share other photos I took while here but I’m afraid that’s not the joy you’re looking for ;-)

Joy Through December – Day 18


For more than 60 years a woman has been coming into all of our homes with the solitary intention of entertaining us. Her beauty – angelic. Her wit – sublime. Her courage – legendary. Lucille Ball was all of those things and more. She was, and forever will be, a joy to watch. I love Lucy and Ricky. I wonder if that’s why I married a red head and laugh like a seal. Eh eh eh eh!


Joy Through December – Day 17


I’m not sure if it qualifies as a guilty pleasure but as the years have passed I confess I’ve derived a great deal of joy from a magical place known as Oz. Laugh. Tease. Do what you will. However, I know I’m not alone on this one. There are masses of people that believe Oz is where you get clarity. That Oz is the key to life. We all need singing little people sending us on a personal quest over a yellow brick road to find the heart, brains, and courage to make our dreams come true. I on the other hand derive joy from flying monkeys. I mean who the capital eff doesn’t want a pet flying blue faced monkey? It would be pretty cool now that you think about it. Seems we could find a few jobs to employ people trying to make that a reality. Boom. New industry and market created while helping diminish unemployment. You can thank me later.

Joy Through December – Day 16


In the interest of adding a little health consciousness to this month’s theme of joy for my friends who are dealing with dietary issues I thought I would post something with nutritional substance. Raw almonds are good for you. Almonds dipped in holiday chocolate and roasting in my belly is what really brings the joy though!

Joy Through December – Day 15


In an imperfect world with imperfect people there would be fewer joys if we didn’t accept our flaws and move forward. You misfits are always welcome here provided you clean up your grape jelly.

Joy Through December – Day 14


Whether you’re on the scout team, the inflation squad, or the unsuspecting target, nothing brings the joy to holiday festivities like a well place whoopie cushion. And if you don’t have a whoopie cushion handy you may as well grab a cushion and make some whoopie. Hope your holiday season has plenty of both! Ho ho ho!

Joy Through December – Day 13

As the holiday season kicks the joy into full gear with the official Twelve Days of Christmas, I offer this little diddy as the official version of the season.

Joy Through December – Day 12


If there were ever a sequence of film capturing a person at the peak of sharing their artistic talents it may unquestionably be from the embodiment of joy itself, Gene Kelly in Singing In The Rain. The historic one take wonder of cinema is still a standard of excellence in the pantheon of expressing passion and joy through song and dance. Not only from Gene and his singing, acting, dancing talents, but also the filmmakers, the grips, the assistants, the cinematographer, the marvel of simulated rain, and of course, no slip shoes. Da-di-da-da-da-di-da-di-da-da-da…