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September Springs – Day 10


Happy Hour is something that can be sprung anytime and is known to put a spring in your step. They also pair well with Monday. Remember that.

September Springs – Day 9


There are a myriad of unexplainable events that spring up on this beautiful planet we call home. One of them is the group nap.

September Springs – Day 8


Remember, it’s not the size of the swell idea that sprung up in that head of yours, it’s how you use it.

September Springs – Day 7

Hey kiddos! It’s Friday. It’s time to enjoy the fruits of thine labor. You have earned thy right to enjoy your evening and in a few cases, the whole weekend, in any fashion so chosen as to recharge one’s batteries for another week of successful business and life building experiences. Isn’t that swell?! I thought so. Might I suggest this particular eve you celebrate in dapper fashion to truly spruce up your free time.


September Springs – Day 6


Luck! Where and what kind springs up in your life is largely considered one’s own perspective. One person may view the life events of another and think they’re lucky to not be in the same situation, while at the same time that person being assessed is feeling like the luckiest soul on the planet and feeling doubley lucky they aren’t the person judging them. Therefore, I must be pretty lucky to have you stopping by to view my page whilst at the same time you might be feeling some crazy and wild horse shoe leprechaun luck for accidentally clicking that link that brought you here. Whatever the case may be I hope this respite has helped you enjoy your day a little more and that good luck follows you home.

September Springs – Day 5


Today is a swell day indeed. The foundation laid over the past couple months is now about to be put in motion. Decisions and efforts are about to be magnified and scrutinized. From this day until February 3, 2013 there will be grown men crying and petite women shouting at the top of their lungs in furious warrior rage. And all of this will happen because of the National Football League. Let the season spring!

September Springs – Day 4

You wanna talk about swell cities where opportunities never cease? How about Los Angeles, baby. Since this day in 1781, the city of angels has been the hot spot on the west coast. Show biz. Real estate. Sunny weather. If not for the notorious traffic and glaring absence of a professional football team (relocating the Chargers doesn’t qualify) it would be darn near perfect. Judging from this photo depiction of the original settlers crossing the Sepulveda Pass, seems traffic has always plagued this southern California jewel. You’ll note most everyone is not hands free, nor do they seem to be following the “two second” following distance rule of thumb.


September Springs – Day 3


Happy Labor Day to everyone out there. Employed. Self-emplyoyed. Unemployed. Under-employed. May this message find you swell in your reflection of hard work accomplished, or your endeavor to be gainfully employed, or in summoning the courage to make the step that could potentially lead to acceptance or rejection of your big idea. This is the land of opportunity where we celebrate the end of summer and two thirds of a year of hard work by taking a three day holiday. Sounds good to me! Hope yours is swell.

September Springs – Day 2


It may not be the tallest. It may not be the fastest. It certainly isn’t even the scariest. But it is the wildest ride in the wilderness and one swell roller coaster. Happy birthday Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! I shall always beware the goat.

September Springs – Day 1

Welcome to September Springs! The place for swell people, places, and things. As we journey through the intertwined tales of our respective lives in this kooky galaxy I feel it’s a nice sentiment to point out one or two of the “roses” of particular interest, or perhaps help others avoid a few prickly pears and potholes along the way. Either way, you’re pretty swell yourself for even stopping by to see where we are headed this month. And that means you’re in pretty good company, because our first nod of the cap goes to our old pal Han Solo. While his name suggests he’s a bit of a loner, there are few who are finer friends in the pocket or as swell a guy you would allow to date your sister.